This video installation is inspired by an unpublished Martha Gehringer novel, and was first created for Accessibility--an international installation festival in Sumter, South Carolina.

The video is projected on the wall above a table in a Chinese restaurant and viewers are invited to take a fortune cookie from the table. All of the fortune cookies are hand-made and the fortunes are collected from people in the community that is hosting the artwork.

Enid (the protagonist in Gehringer's novel) is a bitter woman disguised in the thick clothing of political correctness. At one point, in the novel, Enid is eating in a Chinese restaurant with friends. Upon realizing how pretentious and annoying her friends can be, Enid excuses herself to the bathroom. On her way to the bathroom, she discovers the tray of fortune cookies intended for her table. This is the perfect opportunity for Enid to say everything that she would normally shudder even to think. She slips the fortunes out of her friends cookies and replaces them with her own caustic and insulting phrases just before the waitress delivers them to the table.

This brief story is shared with everyone who writes a fortune, and they are invited to use the cookie as a way to share their censored thoughts.