08.01.2006 updated news and exhibitions
    updated 'Head First' page under 'Recent Additions'
    updated Exhibition Resume & CV under 'More Information'
  for the first time since May 2004
    added pages for 'Decoration' and 'Development'
  under 'Photography' heading
    added 'Xanadu' page under 'Objects' heading
    updated 'Persist' and 'Lashing' pages under 'Video & Books'
  04.24.2006 added links to headfirstslide.com & stalkerforhire.com
    updated text for Mantle (under 'Photography' heading)
    updated 'Head First' and 'Stalker' pages
  under 'Most Recent Additions' heading
    added the following to 'gifts and suggestions' (under 'links');
  my fortune cookie recipe
recipes for architectural gingerbread
a copy of the form letter that I use to decline ALL
  solicitations for charitable art auctions